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Pam Bennett

I have been working at Holycombe for 6 years now, when I lived in London I worked at Holycombe one day a week. Then 5 years ago I moved to the area and now live only a few miles away.

I have over 10 years experience in massage. Over the years I have done more courses, and now offer the following: No Hands Massage, Aromatherapy, Hopi Ear Candling, Reiki Healing and Rejuvanessence. Rejuvanessence is a rejuvenating face massage which can help eradicate the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles.


NO HANDS Massage is a deep, releasing, rejuvenating and nourishing massage technique. The massage is both deeper and more relaxing than conventional massage. This new form of massage is one of the most powerful new massage treatments available, it can work on every level, physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. Injuries, aches and pains can be smoothed away through the sheer power of healing touch. Once you have experienced a treatment, you will want nothing else.


This massage can help the body heal its self, while you relax. It can also help with reducing pain, anxiety and depression, as well as improved sleep. This massage is so powerful, you can feel the benefits long after the massage session is finished. For more information about this amazing massage go to


For more details of all the therapies I offer, please see my website or call me to discuss which therapy will suit your needs. My telephone number is 07887 661 253.


Caroline Moss

Tel: 07538 339811


Caroline Moss (IATE, UKCP) is an Integrative Arts Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and an Ecotherapist. Caroline trained at The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education. She runs a private practise here and works with school age children/young people for a mental health charity. ​She has worked as a Counsellor since 2005 with a background in CBT, Brief Solution Focussed Therapy and Motivational Interviewing working with adults in Substance Misuse for the Criminal Justice System and Mental Health services with all ages.

Caroline is also a Reiki Practitioner, Fitness Trainer, Body Balance Teacher as well as a Dance Teacher for children. 

Ecotherapy is the practice of helping people develop a symbiotic relationship with the more than human world to further therapeutic growth, deepen awareness of our impact on the natural world and inspire passion for taking more care. It can involve a variety of modalities and earth based practices including understanding and acknowledging the changing cycles and recognising how they impact us. Natural objects in the arts can help us connect to the healing power of nature. 

Contact via email: or head to for more info

Justine Warhurst



It is my great joy to create classes for people who have been and are being somewhat ostracised  right now, for saying no something that is still in experimental stage, and is causing some serious harm to some.  



11 - 12:30 pm Kundalini Yoga - (includes meditation and breath-work and sacred chants).

6.30 - 8:00 pm Kundalini Yoga - (includes meditation and breath-work and sacred chants).

Please email in advance to check availability and to let me know you are coming.


Cost: £10 for 90 minute  class

Would you be interested in a Monday class at other times? Please email me at  to register interest and when I have enough names I will start one up up. 


£55 for a private 90 minute  class at Holycombe, regardless of the  number of people.


Kundalini Yoga is best understood by experiencing it. Like many forms of yoga, it uses breath, movement, meditation and mantra in very specific ways and orders to generate energy and vitality, ultimately so we can live more joyful, potent lives.

You accomplish so many things in any one Kundalini Yoga session, it is a checklist heaven. Movement, meditation, flexibility, (you are as young as your spine is flexible), deep-breathing. In studies it has been shown to tone the vagus nerve, (your body can relax faster after stress) and encourage neuro-plasticity, (creates new neural pathways), all of which can help us shift our perspective and take positive action, as opposed to getting stuck in pre-programmed  reactions. It gets you out of your mind and in you to your body where so much wisdom can be found and the practise of it amplifies awareness on all levels.  According to yoga, many of the meditations burn off bad karma…and though this is getting into dodgy metaphorical territory….all I can say is good things do seem to happen when your practise is strong!

If you feel at all inspired, please come down to one of my classes. Beginners, advanced and in-between are welcome and accommodated for. When people say they don’t want to go to yoga because they are embarrassed that they are not good enough I want to shake the world. There is no such thing. Yoga is for everyone at any  age or stage of anything. There is always a way to modify an exercise. The criteria to be successful at yoga, is to turn up, and do your best to connect to yourself and join in with the class according to your own inner authority on that particular day. Some days you might be really active and others you might want to go gently. Just rest when you have had enough of any particular exercise. I hope part of the benefit of taking this class is that you learn  when you need to rest and when you need to challenge yourself to go on - mastering the art of knowing which is appropriate for you at any given time is invaluable wisdom. Some positions are held for a few minutes and this means those that really want to push themselves physically will get the opportunity and get in some ‘high intensity training’ like action and those that don’t, can do a few seconds only and then rest. 

Much of Kundalini yoga is done with your eyes closed, or focused on a certain point, so for any self-conscious people, you don’t need to worry it will feel quite a private experience. We do some mantras out loud and at times this is done along to music. Some people love this and others don’t but please don’t let this put you off. Just listen if you prefer and sing along in your head until you feel more comfortable.

Wear comfy clothes, bring a yoga mat, and a blanket. It’s important to keep warm during the shivasana (relaxing part), if possible.

Look forward to see you there 💛


(*As per the government website, anyone who is harmed by masks are exempt. Everybody is harmed by masks in a myriad of ways).







Justine has spent the last 20 years in the healing arts, training in Nutrition, GAPS,  NMT, MTI, ITEC, Thai Massage & Kundalini Yoga. Having completed the ADAPT training  at the  Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary medicine in California, she is now focusing on using a functional medicine approach for her health practise. Functional medicine encourages a truly collaborative relationship between practitioner and patient.  It considers everything in the patients life from conception to now including diet, lifestyle, stress, stress management, sleep, happiness, social interaction, movement, emotional well-being, air, water, exposure to environmental toxins, current health picture and dis/ease state. These factors, collectively known as the exposome, are the main drivers influencing epigenetic expression (the turning on and off of genes) determining health and vitality.The underlying cause of any symptom, syndrome or disease is always searched for and tackled at the roots. It uses clinical evidence, the latest research,  advanced diagnostic testing to make the most informed treatment plan, the emphasis being on diet, lifestyle and  stress management and then nutraceuticals, supplements, and herbs where needed, (or referrals if more appropriate). 


ADAPT trained Practitioner  at the Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine
Nutrition Advisor The College of Natural Nutrition 
Kundalini Yoga Teacher 200 hour, Yoga Alliance
NMT - The Feinberg Method

 Herbal Apprenticeship - The Plant Medicine School 

Beth Astle


Reflexology works reflex areas on the feet or hands which correspond to organs and systems of the body. Working these reflexes affect the associated organs and body systems enabling them to decongest, rebalance and to stimulate healing.

Reflexology is a relaxing treatment that promotes better health to help a variety of conditions.

I offer one hour treatments. Buy five and get the sixth for free. 
Do get in contact for more information.

m:07875 136040,

Denise Whichello


With over 35 years of experience in the field of complementary medicine Denise estimates that she has carried out in excess of 50,000 treatments! She has trained extensively in osteopathy, massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head massage, nutrition, crystal therapy and other therapies. As well as an accomplished practitioner she has written over 25 books on complementary therapies including Hodder's popular 'Teach Yourself' series on Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Detox. 


What to expect from a treatment


After a consultation Denise will select a unique combination of the therapies she practices to suit your requirements. A typical session would consist of deep tissue massage using specially selected aromatherapy essential oils together with some craniosacral therapy and reflexology. At the end of the session you will be given a bottle of your own unique prescription to take away with you so that the treatment can continue to take effect. Denise’s therapies are suitable for all health problems—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Even chronic conditions that have been present for many years may be alleviated.

Hayley Rogers


Psychic Readings


I have always been a psychic as a little girl I remember seeing spirits in my bedroom and used to spend alot of time outside playing with the nature spirits.  My gifts have been passed down the family line, my welsh grandmother was known for reading the tea leaves in the air raid shelters during the second world war. . Having known alot of psychics whilst growing I picked up my first pack of tarot at the age of 16 and has continued with my spiritual development since then. Having travelled extensively I have also  discovered many gifts in the healing field and ways of reading and have put the best together which I now uses in my own practice.  I have a long list of healing modalities that I  can offer as well as using tarot I also channels higher beings who can help you in all areas of your life.

A reading can help you to find out more about:

Relationships, Love, Work, Health and more..

for channelled readings please bring your questions with you.


Some of the healings include:

The Adam Kadmon Activation/ 24 strand DNA activation

This activation activates the 12 physical and 12 spiritual strands of the DNA, enabling you to hold more light in your light body. The benefits of this are tremendous for your spiritual growth as well as for those already on the path of light and healing. 

Your spiritual gifts may come to the surface and obstacles removes as you align to your true purpose.  Lifting you up new heights you will find your life has alot more meaning.

Some of the other benefits include:

Relief from anxiety and stress

Becoming physically infused with Light

Allowing you to see more clearly who you are and where you can go

Greater physical energy and mental acuity

Increased emotional stability

Strengthened immune system and response

Assistance in breaking of old unhealthy habits   (like smoking, etc.)

Increased brain function and thought clarity

Assistance in increasing personal abundance

Assistance in creating positive relationships


Etheric Surgery

Negative energy can get stuck in the aura causing physical disease, trauma and repeated emotional patterns.  By removing the blocks and filling with light the client is able to move forward in their life in a healthier and happier way.

An Etheric surgery treatment can have a major affect on your life.


Angel Light Healing

Cleanse and sooth your aura and body with the enormous healing power of the Angels. The Angels will work in your energy, soothing, healing & clearing all parts of you and sealing your aura with  huge light and care. Feel cared for, surrounded in love and experience the peaceful presence of the Angelic realms.


Energy clearing and negative emotional release can be done on an individual basis.



Call to book 01608 730052

mobile: 07721 176083

Rebecca Williams


Hypnotherapy is the use of a naturally occurring state of deep relaxation and visualisation techniques. It is a gentle and relaxing state that everybody can and does experience  on a daily basis.  It is very much like daydreaming. 

In hypnosis, you will always be aware of what is going on around you and able to control everything you do and say.  You will just be in a very relaxed state which allows you to access thoughts and memories without distraction. Each person has the ability to come out of the trance state whenever they wish to do so.



Rebecca uses hypnotherapy to help children and adults to alleviate a wide range of unwanted habits and feelings and also to help clients focus on fulfilling their potential in many areas of life.

Some common issues that hypnotherapy can help with are:

Anxiety & stress


Psychosomatic pain

Lack of self confidence

Depressive moods

Addictions and dependencies

Grief & bereavement

Behavioural issues in children

Exam nerves

Ticks and habits

Fears and phobias

Post traumatic stress


Please visit  for further information and to see how hypnotherapy might help you!