Weekly Classes 



It is with deep regret that I have to explain that since about February 2020 I have been having serious health issues when I have had close contact with covid-vaccinated people. By close contact  I mean either touching sweat, (as I do working in my other job in  costume), hugging - having skin contact, and also doing deep breathing/breath of fire in a room. This is why,  against  all my instincts  and at great financial loss to myself,  I have had  to start teaching yoga classes only for the covid-vaccine free.  It started to seem to be easing off but since the booster roll out, has come back with vengeance.  I must therefore ask if you are covid-vaccinated to please find another teacher until I can figure out how to deal with this health issue. I hope you can empathise and understand that this is the most appropriate way for me to look after myself right now. There are other yoga teachers at Holycombe,  (see above),  who don't have this health issue so please enjoy their classes. 


Having said all that,  I am making it  my great joy to create classes for these wonderful brave souls who standing up for their body sovereignty, for their children's,,  sometimes against great odds,  and  are being ostracised in various ways, for saying no to something that is still in an experimental stage of a trial, and is causing very serious harm to some.



11 - 12:30 pm Kundalini Yoga - (includes meditation and breath-work and sacred chants).

6.30 - 8:00 pm Kundalini Yoga - (includes meditation and breath-work and sacred chants).

Please email in advance to check availability and to let me know you are coming.

Contact: jdubsyoga@gmail.com

Cost: £10 for 90 minute  class

Would you be interested in a Monday  class at other times? Please email me at  jdubsyoga@gmail.com  to register interest and when I have enough names I will start one up up. 


£55 for a private 90 minute  class at Holycombe, regardless of the number of people.

Contact: jdubsyoga@gmail.com


Kundalini Yoga is best understood by experiencing it. Like many forms of yoga, it uses breath, movement, meditation and mantra in very specific ways and orders to generate energy and vitality, ultimately so we can live more joyful, potent lives.

You accomplish so many things in any one Kundalini Yoga session, it is a checklist heaven. Movement, meditation, flexibility, (you are as young as your spine is flexible), deep-breathing. In studies it has been shown to tone the vagus nerve, (your body can relax faster after stress) and encourage neuro-plasticity, (creates new neural pathways), all of which can help us shift our perspective and take positive action, as opposed to getting stuck in pre-programmed  reactions. It gets you out of your mind and in you to your body where so much wisdom can be found and the practise of it amplifies awareness on all levels.  According to yoga, many of the meditations burn off bad karma…and though this is getting into dodgy metaphorical territory….all I can say is good things do seem to happen when your practise is strong!

If you feel at all inspired, please come down to one of my classes. Beginners, advanced and in-between are welcome and accommodated for. When people say they don’t want to go to yoga because they are embarrassed that they are not good enough I want to shake the world. There is no such thing. Yoga is for everyone at any  age or stage of anything. There is always a way to modify an exercise. The criteria to be successful at yoga, is to turn up, and do your best to connect to yourself and join in with the class according to your own inner authority on that particular day. Some days you might be really active and others you might want to go gently. Just rest when you have had enough of any particular exercise. I hope part of the benefit of taking this class is that you learn  when you need to rest and when you need to challenge yourself to go on - mastering the art of knowing which is appropriate for you at any given time is invaluable wisdom. Some positions are held for a few minutes and this means those that really want to push themselves physically will get the opportunity and get in some ‘high intensity training’ like action and those that don’t, can do a few seconds only and then rest. 

Much of Kundalini yoga is done with your eyes closed, or focused on a certain point, so for any self-conscious people, you don’t need to worry it will feel quite a private experience. We do some mantras out loud and at times this is done along to music. Some people love this and others don’t but please don’t let this put you off. Just listen if you prefer and sing along in your head until you feel more comfortable.

Wear comfy clothes, bring a yoga mat, and  a blanket or something to keep you warm. It’s important to keep warm during the shivasana (relaxing part), if possible.

Look forward to see you there 💛

(*As per the government website, anyone who is harmed by masks are exempt. Everybody is harmed by masks, in a myriad of ways).